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Get yourself connected with electrical repair and installation work by our registered electricians. Upgrades for older homes are also our specialty.
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Check back often to learn about electrical industry information, frequently asked questions and electrical safety.

Who We Are

Nicholas Electric Company, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with Safe, Prompt, Friendly, and Reliable Electrical Services in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. Licensed & Insured since 1978, we've been serving the families and businesses of southwestern Pennsylvania, always being sensitive to each customer's unique needs. We SPECIALIZE in only electric. Unlike our competitors we do not replace furnaces or perform HVAC work, waterproof your basement, or offer plumbing services. We focus on what we know. We are proud to say that we've had no complaints in more than 35 years of business. Let our family take care of your family!

Before you spend your money needlessly, talk to one of our registered electricians to discuss your project. Our clients appreciate our Up Front Pricing, with no hidden fees or costs you do not approve ahead of time.

Our employees are family oriented and have been with our company for many years.

No Job Is Too Small!

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