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Older Homes Electrical Upgrades

Many of the older homes in our communities may have original electric wiring or electric circuits that have been modified or augmented. When remodeling your current home or purchasing an older home, you may find that your home's electrical systems are out of date. The professional registered electricians at Nicholas Electric Company, Inc. can assess your electrical system, recommend needed repairs or replacement and provide you with an estimate for our services.
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Current regulations require additional lines to meet the power needs of modern appliances. With more electrical appliances and upgrades in our modern homes come more power needs and sophisticated electrical systems. In some cases, 240-volt electrical circuits are required for modern appliances that utilize a lot of energy, such as clothes dryers and electric ranges. Your mortgage company or insurance carrier may even require electrical upgrades to qualify for a loan or insurance coverage. Electrical upgrades could also be required to run new systems requiring heating, such as radiant-heated floors, pools, spas and saunas

Rewiring homes is a complex project that is best left to licensed electrical professionals. The team at Nicholas Electric Company has the professional experience and skills to safely rewire your home to meet the needs of your family while adhering to current building codes.
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