Electrical Emergencies

Know When To Seek Help

Electrical emergencies can be a scary experience for you and your family. A simple power outage may be a minor inconvenience if it's brief and if your appliances and electronics are not damaged by a power surge. A partial power outage, also known as a brownout, can be particularly damaging to your appliances and electronics. This partial power outage can be caused by issues with the electric utility supplier, but they can also be caused by faulty systems in your home. Called a brownout because it may leave light bulbs partially powered and flickering or dimly lit, it is an electrical emergency that should be addressed by a professional electrician.
Nicholas Electric Company, Inc. offers residents and businesses electrical assessments, repairs and replacement services for both electrical emergencies and wiring issues. If your home is older, the electric wiring should be evaluated for safety, repairs and potential replacement. If you've noticed issues with power outages, flickering lights, brownouts or other problems with your electricity, please call us so we can dispatch a registered electrician to your home to determine if you have bad wiring. We'll assess your electric wiring and identify any necessary repairs.
Electrical sparks coming from your breaker box, an electrical outlet or anywhere else in your home is not normal, could be dangerous and should be assessed by a professional. You may have too many cords plugged into one circuit, have a wiring issue in the wall or may be using a cord or plug that is damaged. Have our team assess the situation if you see sparks or have other concerns about your home's electric wiring. We're always ready to help you with any electrical emergency.
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