Breaker Boxes Upgrades

The professional registered electricians at Nicholas Electric Company, Inc. have the training and skills to repair and replace breaker boxes. After more than 35 years in business, our locally owned company can address almost any situation. As the central electrical unit connecting all electrical lines in your home, the breaker box is a complex and critical component of a safe and functional electrical system. Our licensed registered electricians can install, replace or upgrade your breaker box to ensure that it is safe and complies with local building codes.

The circuit breakers in the breaker box are safety devices as they're designed to trip and turn off the electricity to prevent the potential of fire if the circuit becomes overloaded. If your breakers frequently trip or won't stay reset, have us come over. If you notice the breakers smell or look like they're burned or are hot to the touch, this is an urgent situation, and you should call us for assistance immediately. An improperly functioning breaker box can cause fires or electrical shock, and the dangers of electrical issues mean that you should contact an electrical professional immediately when you see signs of trouble or if you believe repairs are required.
Replacing, repairing or upgrading breaker boxes is a wise choice for safety and an important investment in your home. We offer free surge protection with your purchase of any residential breaker box upgrade and new installation - a $195 value! Give us a call today to discuss your breaker box concerns and needs.
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