Indoor Lighting

Types of Indoor Lighting Installed

Nicholas Electric Company, Inc. can also install outdoor and indoor lighting for your home or business. We're ready to listen to your wishes, assess your space and develop a plan for your new lighting installation. There are generally three different types of lighting we can address and implement.
1. General Lighting: This is the primary lighting in your home that provides basic illumination for your rooms. There should be a comfortable level of brightness with this ambient lighting, which allows you to move comfortably about your home and accomplish basic tasks. Typical types of general indoor lighting include chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall fixtures, track lighting, recessed lights and floor or table lamps. Outdoor general lighting can include spotlights, porch lights, post lanterns and recessed fixtures.

2. Task Lighting: This focused type of lighting helps you perform detailed tasks such as reading, writing, sewing or crafts. Types of task lighting can include recessed fixtures, track lighting, pendant lighting and desk lamps. Creating the space, choosing the best location for effective lighting and installing electrical access are the ways we can help you with task lighting.
3. Accent Lighting: This mood-setting lighting is typically used for decorative purposes. Accent lighting can include track lighting, recessed fixtures or wall-mounted fixtures. This type of lighting can provide a soft glow behind furniture or in dark corners, accent art with a strong spotlight or backlight a plant for a silhouette effect. This type of lighting can be very dramatic and effective in turning your home into an elegant environment.
Our professional registered electricians can also assist you with LED lighting upgrades. These energy-efficient fixtures are ideal for task or accent lighting in your home
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